Navigating Schedule

As the hub for the majority of the work you’re doing, Schedule contains some of the most important information Actions has to offer. Understanding the ways to navigate Schedule, then, is critical to getting the most of Actions and, most importantly, getting your work done.

What You See

On the Schedule screen, you’ll see a timeline for seven total days – today through next week – and a day called “Later,” which holds tasks you’ve assigned for further down the road. Each day contains its name (Thursday) and date (1 March), following by blank space or Action Cards.

Action Cards that appear in Schedule will likely be displayed in a variety of colors, each representing the List to which they are attributed. Once you’ve assigned these Action Cards to a specific date, they will appear under that day’s heading, along with other Cards or Calendar events from Timepage. In many instances, Action Cards from different Lists will populate the same day, creating a running list of that day’s tasks across different projects.

Along the bottom of Actions for iPhone is a toolbar showing navigation options for Logbook button logbook off and Lists button lists . Finding your way over to another panel is as easy as tapping the buttons on the screen. On the iPad, the toolbar is condensed to just Menu and Logbook, as Lists are displayed along the right side of screen next to Schedule.

What You Can Do

The main purpose of Schedule is to view and create Action Cards for upcoming tasks. By a) pulling down on the timeline (iOS) b) tapping the button add icon or c) tapping the date header, you can add tasks and all their relevant information. Once you’ve saved your Action, it’ll show right on the Schedule for your review.

Because Schedule has tasks from different Lists, it’s also the best place to tap into Action Cards and edit information. Tap on a Card to change its title, set reminders, create repeats, and add notes. And if you’d like to work under with gestures, you can move Cards from day to day by simply dragging and dropping.

Speaking of gestures, Schedule offers access to time-saving actions including:

  • Swipe right to left on a Card to mark it as complete button icon add complete
  • Swipe left to right in a short gesture to reschedule button schedule off an Action Card
  • Swipe left to right in a long gesture to delete slide delete on an Action Card
  • Swipe from the far left or right of the screen to move into Logbook

With the Timepage integration in iOS, Schedule will also display calendar events alongside Action Cards to give you a better idea at the days ahead.