Navigating Lists

Whereas Schedule and Logbook are time-focused, Lists group together your Action Cards according to criteria you define. This can be a variety of things – that’s why we leave it up to you – but at the heart, putting Lists to work influences the way that your tasks look throughout Actions.

Because of this, we built Lists its own dedicated section.

What You See

The non-tablet version of Actions has two ways to view Lists. The first, which is the default option as you tap the Lists icon, lets you browse your Lists by swiping left and right on the screen. Each List is defined by its title at the bottom and the Action Cards held within it.

Tap a List to enter fullscreen mode, where you’ll see a more comprehensive view of everything in the List. Also present is a blank Card (iOS) or an add button at the bottom of the List, where you can add a new Action Card directly under that subject. Along the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the List’s title, the color icon (iOS), and the minimize List icon.

Each Action Card in the List will have its title and current assigned date – tasks that aren’t assigned will simply have their title.

What You Can Do

Those familiar with Actions will recognize the gestures found in Lists:

  • Acting on Cards

    • Swipe right to left on a Card to mark it as complete button icon add complete
    • Swipe left to right in a short gesture to reschedule button schedule off a Card
    • Swipe left to right in a long gesture to delete slide delete on a Card
  • Creating Cards and Navigation (iOS)

    • Tap and hold an Action Card to move it to another List
    • Swipe down at the top of a List to create a new Action Card
    • Swipe left or right from the edges of the screen to navigate between Lists

To change the color of a List, tap to color button color icon (iOS) or the List title (Android) at the bottom of a fullscreen List. Select from one of 19 distinct color options and every Action Card associated with the List will change to the chosen color.

Action Cards found in Lists behave just like ones found in Schedule of Logbook, so feel free to edit information right inside Lists. Once saved, it’ll apply the changes everywhere else in the app.