All About Action Cards

In Actions, tasks are assigned to Action Cards, which serve as the basis for the work you’ll do. These Action Cards can be created in a couple different ways, but all lead you to the same place: a more productive workflow.

In the Schedule Tab

In Schedule, there are two distinct ways to create an Action Card:

  • If the task will be assigned to a day in the next week, tap on a blank area below the date
  • If adding the task is primarily meant for today, tap the button add icon on the screen

After performing either of these actions, you’ll then be able to add a title and select its appropriate List (find out more with All About Lists). Once complete, tap the button icon add complete icon and the Action Card will be added under the assigned date.

In the List Tab

Sometimes, it’s easier to brainstorm tasks when looking at similar goals in the same category. In the List tab, you can browse through your various Lists, pick the relevant one, and dive right in.

To add a task in the List tab, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the List button lists icon at the bottom of the screen

    If you’re using Actions for iPad, Lists are already available without the need to tap an icon

  2. Select the appropriate List by tapping it

  3. Tap the card holding the button add icon

  4. Type in a title and tap button icon add complete

An Action Card will then be added to a specific list immediately — no need to assign it upon creation.

Moving Action Cards

Action Cards have the ability to be moved around the app through drag and drop. Whether it’s to reschedule a task to a new day, move an unscheduled Action Card from a List to a date, or tag an unassigned Action Card, all you need to do is tap and hold on the Action Card, wait for the shadow to appear under the card, and move it to the intended location.

If you’re looking to move more than one Card at once, you can tap other Cards after the first is “floating.” After a tap and hold of one Card, use another finger to tap additional Cards before dragging the bunch to the relevant day.

Rescheduling, Reminders, and Repeats

For proper task scheduling, Action Cards can be rescheduled to a different date either through drag and drop or by tapping next to the button schedule off icon. You can also reschedule Action Cards by swiping left to right until the clock button schedule off icon appears.

Additionally, tap into an Action Card to see reminder and repeat settings; if necessary, you can set a pre-set or custom date and time for a reminder and repeat the task across different days. This can also be done from the creation screen.

Find out more in Adding Reminders and Repeats.


Adding Notes to your Action Cards provides additional context to the assigned task. By tapping on an Action Card and tapping “Notes,” you can add text that will follow your note between times, days, and Lists.


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