Customizing the Interface

Day/Night Mode

Though we’d like to get our work done as early as we can, tasks can find their way into our nightly routines. But when it’s dark, a blast of white light to the eyes might turn you away from your phone.

To combat this, Actions offers manual and automatic options for Day and Night Modes. By default, Actions is set up in Day Mode, which includes black text on a white background and black icons through the interface.

Night Mode, however, keeps Action Cards the same color while flipping interface colors from white to black and vice versa. Night Mode – as its name implies – is typically switched on at night, but can be used in any situation.

To activate Night Mode manually, open Menu button settings and tap the Night Mode icon at the lower right. In the same fashion, tap the Day Mode icon to return the interface to its default.

To activate Day and Night Modes automatically, tap the Menu button settings icon and choose “Preferences.” Then, tap “General” and select “Auto.” You can also turn both models on manually in this menu.


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