Action Cards

Scheduling Action Cards

Setting due dates is crucial for getting your work done, so we’ve built scheduling functionality right into Actions.

When creating a task, you’ll initially schedule the Action Card by tapping on the day that the task should be completed — Thursday, for example. Actions is all about getting work done in a reasonable time frame, but if you need to schedule a task for a far-off date, you can assign it to “Later.” Then, you’ll be able to tap on the Action Card and assign it a custom date.


There’s no shame in rescheduling — things happen! In Actions, rescheduling can be done in three ways:

  • Swipe left to right on an Action Card in a short gesture
  • Tap an Action Card and tap the date
  • Tap and hold on an Action Card and drag it to another day

Action Cards can be rescheduled as many times as necessary, and tasks saved to Logbook will retain their schedule date if restored.

When Cards aren’t completed, rescheduled, or deleted before their assigned day passes, they will be moved to our Review Mode feature, found next to the button add button along the top. In Review Mode, Actions will list all Cards for previous days that were left without action; to reschedule these, swipe up on the Card and choose the date. You can also choose to delete these Cards by swiping down.

In the Android version of Actions, Action Cards automatically roll over.

Roll Over

If you’d prefer that remaining Actions roll over to the next day rather than sitting in review, visit the Actions Preferences (iOS-only) in the Menu and check “Show overdue actions in Today section.” By doing so, the Actions Cards you’ve created will automatically be added to the current day.

Under the “Overdue” header in the Actions Preferences, you can also change how you see Action Cards waiting review in Review Mode. With roll over turned on, Review Mode will only be activated after a task has been incomplete for seven days or more. The “show number of actions waiting review” setting affects what you see as the Review Mode icon – either the total number of overdue tasks or a basic icon. It should also be noted that with roll over turned off, you’ll see Review Mode for any lapsed Action Cards.