Action Cards

How to Create an Action Card

Creating Action Cards is essential to getting work done in Actions, so we’ve developed multiple ways to do it. Both in and out of the app, there are quick and simple methods for adding Action Cards to Actions.

In the Schedule Tab

In Schedule, there are two ways to create an Action Card:

  • If the task will be assigned to a day in the next week, tap on the date’s header
  • If adding the task is primarily meant for today, tap the button add icon on the screen

After performing either of these actions, you’ll then be able to add a title and select its appropriate List (find out more with All About Lists).

In the List Tab

Sometimes, it’s easier to brainstorm tasks when looking at similar goals in the same category. In the List tab, you can browse through your various Lists, pick the relevant one, and dive right in.

To add a task in the List tab, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the List button lists icon at the bottom of the screen Note: If you’re using Actions for iPad, Lists are already apparent without the need to tap an icon
  2. Select the appropriate List
  3. Tap the card (iOS) or button (Android) holding the button add icon
  4. Type in a title and tap button icon add complete (iOS) or the “Enter” key (Android).

An Action Card will then be added to a specific List immediately — no need to assign it upon creation.

In the Actions Widget and 3D Touch Menu

Action Cards can also be created in the Actions widget in iOS. After working through the process of adding the widget, tap the black button next to the list of Action Cards to launch Actions and add a task. Instead of having to jump into Actions to add a Card, utilizing the widget speeds up the process.

Similarly, you can add Action Cards to Actions through 3D Touch on capable devices. By pressing and holding on the Actions icon and tapping “Add Action,” Actions will launch and jump to the creation of an Action Card.