Action Cards

Completing Action Cards

You’ve finished your task — congratulations! Now it’s time to reward yourself with officially checking it off your task list.

To mark an Action Card as “complete,” identify its List or scheduled day and swipe right to left until you see the button icon add complete icon appear. Once you see the Action disappear from its respective panel, it will have moved from both Lists and Schedule and into Logbook.

Another way to signal to Actions that a task is complete is gesture-based: tap and hold on an Action Card until a shadow appears, then tap the Logbook button logbook off icon at the bottom of the screen with another finger and drag the Card into Logbook (iOS-only).

When a task has been completed, its title will be crossed out and it will be grouped by the week it was completed. List information carries over to Logbook as well, so you can see what projects you’ve been working heavily on. You’ll also see the Action Card’s notes when tapping into the Card, but the scheduled date will have changed to “Unscheduled.”

If a task was marked as complete by accident, you can restore the Card by emulating the same right-to-left gesture used to complete the task. The Action Card will then move back to Schedule and List.

If you’d like a completed Action Card to stay in the Schedule for an extended period of time, this can be done by visiting “Actions” in Preferences. Under “Move Completed Actions to Logbook,” you’ll have the option to change the length of time before the Card is moved to Logbook — and, if you’d prefer, you can opt to always keep it in Schedule.