Action Cards

Adding Reminders and Repeats

Alongside rescheduling, Actions has built-in reminder and repeat functionality to make Action Cards more versatile tasks. Both reminders and repeats are found by tapping an Action Card, while reminders can also be assigned during the Card creation process.

Utilizing Reminders

Reminders offer a gentle notification to inform you about the due date of a task you have saved to Actions. By setting a reminder, you can signify the actual date and time an Action is due, or remind Future You to get the task completed.

With reminders, you have the ability to be notified both on the day the task is assigned and beforehand. Under the Reminder option, you’ll see both of these options laid out. For tasks scheduled on future days, both options will be editable; however, if the Action Card was assigned for today, you will be unable to remind yourself beforehand.

Tapping “On the day” will allow you to choose from three pre-set options for reminders: 8 a.m., 2 p.m., and 8 p.m. These represent the three times of day – morning, afternoon, and evening – that you might want a slight nudge from Actions. Also available is a custom option, which prompts you to select the perfect time for Actions to remind you about your task. Simply slide your finger on the curve to find your exact time preference.

Receiving a reminder beforehand will push a notification about a task you have coming up. As with the “On the day” option, you have multiple pre-set choices to select, including one day, three days, one week, or one month. If you need to be reminded between those intervals or after one month, tap “Custom” and select up to 100 days.

Utilizing Repeats

With repeats, Action Cards can be assigned to appear in Schedule at a certain, set interval. With repeats, you can adjust the:

  • Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly)
  • Repeat interval (examples: one day, two weeks repeating on Sunday, three months repeating every 4th Thursday, four years)
  • End (never, after a number of times, or on a specific date)

These repeats will appear either on completion or by time, giving you freedom to reschedule and stay on deadline. By diving into the options presented with repeats, you can set up a personalized, restriction-free schedule that can work to meet your tasks.

With a complex repeat schedule, it can be tough to see what you’ve signed up for. When working in the repeat menu, the menu’s title will display how the repeat is scheduled — for example, “repeats every 2 days, forever.”

When you create a repeat, you’ll start by selecting either “On Completion” or “By Time.” Understanding the differences between these two options is critical to selecting the right one for your workflow.

By selecting On Completion, your task will repeat only when you’ve completed its last iteration. If, for example, you have a daily task to check the mail, your task will only repeat itself after you’ve marked it as complete. This next iteration of this event, then, will take place the next day.

By Time works differently in that tasks will repeat on their set schedule regardless of prior completion. With the mail example, if you had forgotten to get the mail the prior day, you would then have two assignments to pick it up. By Time will push the repeating task to you every midnight, even though it will repeat every day regardless; if we chose to push the task all at once versus daily, the task would be shown infinitely in Schedule.